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We recognize that all our patients are unique and deserve to receive dental care that reflects their individual needs. Our experienced and talented dental team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding dental experience every time you visit our practice.

We are pleased to welcome you and your family, and we look forward to working with you.



Office Manager

Lacey joined Lee Dental Care as a Patient Care Coordinator in 2008. Her unflagging positive attitude, superior patient relations ability, and steadfast dedication to ensuring the best possible patient experience led to her promotion to Assistant Office Manager and eventually Office Manager.

Lacey leads the Lee Dental Care team with cool-headed efficiency and a no-nonsense approach to keeping the many moving pieces of a bustling practice working smoothly. She is a calming force in our busy office, managing the fast pace with unflappable positivity and a smile. She confronts challenges with a creative, solutions-focused mindset. Lacey helps set the tone of competent, welcoming comfort that Lee Dental Care's patients rely on. 

Lacey is the loving mother of two children. She enjoys fishing and spending time outdoors. She gives back to the community by volunteering at Dentistry from the Heart, Free Dental Care for Veterans Day, and by participating in the many other charitable activities the practice undertakes.


Assistant Office Manager

Jackie entered the dental field in 2017 because she wanted a role in which she could make people feel comfortable and happy. She joined Lee Dental Care in 2020 as a Patient Care Coordinator. Having worked as a Dental Assistant, Jackie understands front and back office operations. Her hands-on knowledge of the treatment process makes her especially effective in working with patients and her clinical team mates alike. Because of her excellent abilties, she was promoted to Assistant Office Manager in 2022.

Jackie's outgoing personality helps create a positve, welcoming environment for our patients. She approaches patients with compassion and sincerity to ensure they feel safe and comfortable from the minute they walk in the door. Her high energy, decisive style and efficiency in scheduling help keep our office running smoothly. Seeing patients’ beautiful smiles every day makes it all worthwhile for Jackie.

A native of Connecticut, Jackie has lived in this area since 2011. She is married and has three children and a puppy named Milo. Favorite leisure activities include spending time with her family, cooking, music, and travel. Jackie speaks English and Spanish.



Call Support Specialist

As Call Support Specialist, Jessica oversees the Call Center. In this role she ensures that when patients call a Lee Dental Care or any of our sister practices, they reach a warm, helpful, professional who is ready to assist them.

Before moving into her current role, Jessica spent several years  as a Patient Care Coordinator.  Her warm and friendly attitude set the tone of relaxed comfort for patients arriving for dental care. Jessica's phone skills are so exemplary they were used in training new Patient Care Coordinators even prior to her taking on this role.

Jessica is the proud mother of two sons. In her off time, she enjoys spending time with her family, travelling, and building upon her impressive knowledge of movies.

Cassie, EFDA

Purchasing Coordinator

Cassie has been in dentistry since 2016 and joined Lee Dental Care in 2019 as a Dental Assistant. She has an Associate's Degree in Dental Assisting from Herzing University. Cassie's talents for organization and negotiation led to her transition into the Purchasing Coordinator role in 2020.

As Purchasing Coordinator, Cassie manages inventory andsupplies acquisition. She ensures that our teams always have the quality materials they need for patient treatments. 

Cassie is an Ohio native. She moved to Florida in 2017. She lives in Lehigh acres with her husband, her two children, and their two dogs. Doing crafts with her children and going to the beach are activities Cassie enjoys in her free time.



Front Desk Trainer

Ariana has been in dentistry since 2016 and joined our team as a Patient Care Coordinator in 2020. In addition to her experience as a Patient Care Coordinator, Ariana is also a Certified Dental Assistant. Her knowledge of front and back office operations gives her a unique perspective that helps her provide superior service to our patients.

Ariana quickly mastered her role as Patient Care Coordinator and eagerly took on more responsibilty as the opportunity presented itself. In 2023, the position of Front Desk Trainer was created for her. In this role, Ariana mentors with our Front Desk team to ensure a consistently positive experience for all patients.

Ariana understands that communication is vital in helping patients feel relaxed. Aside from a warm welcome, she focuses on developing a Front Desk team that lets what to expect. With her optimistic attitude and sense of humor, Ariana helps set the tone of welcoming comfort we want each patient to experience.

Ariana hails from Miami but loves her home here on the West Coast.  She ejoys going to the beaches, especially with her dog Cleo. When she is not out and about being a devoted dog mom, Ariana enjoys relaxing in front of the TV with her boyfriend. She speaks English and Spanish.


Insurance Coordinator

Yisvi joined Lee Dental Care in 2020. She has been in the dental field since 2015. She worked as a Patient Care Coordinator with our Front Desk team before moving into Insurance in 2022, In addition to her front office experience, Yisvi worked as an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant prior to joining our team. Her understanding of front and back office operations helps her ensure a smooth experience for patients as they move through their visit.

Dentistry appeals to Yisvi because she is fascinated by teeth and all the aspects of the dental process. Patients appreciate her patience, compassion, and upbeat attitude. She enjoys sharing patients’ happiness when they complete their smile transformations. Also rewarding to Yisvi is seeing patients who arrive in distress leave the office pain-free.

Yisvi is a Florida native. She is a devoted mother to her son and most often in her free time she can be found spending time with him. She also enjoys reading. She gives back to the community by teaching Sunday School at her church. Yisvi speaks English and Spanish.


Patient Care Coordinator

Natalie has worked in dentistry since 2015, joining our Front Desk team in 2020. She is dedicated to making sure every patient has a great experience at our practice. Emergency patients can rely on Natalie’s sympathetic, comforting approach and determination to get them in to be seen as soon as possible. Her goal is happy, laughing patients who leave our office satisfied.

Born in Miami, Natalie has lived in our area since 2004. For fun, Natalie enjoys spending time with her husband often watching TV, going out on their boat, or trying different restaurants.Natalie speaks English and Spanish.


Patient Care Coordinator

Milly has been in dentistry since 2018 and with Lee Dental Care since 2022. She holds an Associate’s Degree from Southern Technical College.

Milly’s ability to make the best of a less than ideal situation helps set a positive, solutions focused atmosphere for patients at the Front Desk. Patients can rely on Milly to listen to them and treat them with compassion. Her goal is to be part of an overall experience that has patients leaving with a smile on their faces.

Milly was born in Peru but grew up in Long Island, NY. She has lived in Fort Myers since 2011. When she’s not in the office, she enjoys spending time with her husband and three children. She also enjoys decorating her home and reading up on Minimimalist design. Milly is fluent in English and Spanish.


Rebecca, BS, CRDH

Dental Hygienist

Rebecca has been a Dental Hygienist since 2014. In addition to an Associates degree in Dental Hygiene, she holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology.  Her background in psychology makes her especially good with anxious patients. She helps calm their fears so they are able to maintain their best oral health.  Rebecca takes great joy in making her patients feel happy and confident about their smiles.  

In her free time, Rebecca loves to read. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and travelling.


Nikki, BS, CRDH

Dental Hygienist

Nikki has been with Lee Dental Care since 2014. She has been instrumental in establishing Lee Dental Care's reputation as a provider of excellent dental hygiene care. Nikki treats her patients like family. Her goal is to ensure her patients know she genuinely cares about their well-being.

Nikki is known for her gentle touch and ability to keep her patients comfortable. She is committed to helping even the most anxious patient have their best oral health through regular, thorough cleanings. Nikki places a high priority on patient eduation, empowering her patients to have their best oral health by providing instruction on proper oral home care.  

Nikki lives in the area with her husband and two young sons. Nikki enjoys the outdoors, golfing, and doing yoga.


Shannon, CRDH

Dental Hygienist

Shannon has been in the dentistry since the late 1990's.  She brings a high standard of care based on her extensive experience in the field. Her sincere, welcoming, friendly style enables her to connect with her patients on a personal level. She appreciates the opportunity to build relationships with her patients so that she can work with them over time to maintain their best possible oral health.

Outside of work, Shannon stays busy transporting her three sons to sporting practice and events. When she is not running Mom's taxi service, she enjoys spending time with her husband.


Michelle, RDH

Dental Hygienist

Michelle's patients appreciate her compassionate and optimistic approach. She creates a calm, welcoming environment in which patients feel comfortable and safe. Michelle provides gentle, effective cleanings along with education about maintaining dental health.

Michelle was raised in Fort Myers and now resides in Alva where she spends most of her time on working on renovations to her home.  Her two young daughters keep her on her toes. When she is not busy working on her house or taking care of her daughters, Michelle enjoys cooking exotic foods, reading, chocolate, and helping others. 

Greys, RDH

Dental Hygienist

Greys has been with Lee Dental Care since 2020. She holds an AS in Dental Hygiene from Florida Southwestern State College a BS in Dental Hygiene from St. Petersburg College. Her passion for helping others live healthier lives fueled her choice of dentistry as a career. Greys wants each of her patients to understand that good health begins in the mouth. Her goal is to ensure her patients know proper home oral care so they can have their best oral health.

Greys With her friendly demeanor and ability to listen, Greys’ goal is to develop a trusting, comfortable relationship with each patient. Combined with her superior skill as a hygienist, this approach ensures each patient will have the best possible experience. Greys’ motto is “I strongly believe we should never stop smiling.” She strives to make each of her patients feel confident to smile.

A native of Cuba, Greys has lived in the Fort Myers area since 2016. She lives with her fiancé, her infant son, and the playful and tireless family dog. In her free time, she enjoys being with her family and friends. Favorite leisure activities include going to the beach, dancing, and watching TV. She has donated her time to dental charities including Project Dentist Care and Give Kids a Smile Day. Greys speaks English and Spanish.


Operations Director

Ron joined Lee Dental Care as a Dental Assistant in 2014. Ron began his career in dentistry by earning his Doctorate of Dental Medicine in his native country of the Dominican Republic. His expertise, along with his superior patient relations skills, led to his promotion to Head Dental Assistant. His next step was a promotion to Clinical Coordinator which encompassed overseeing the Dental Assiting Teams at Lee Dental Care as well as those at our sister practices.

In 2022, Ron advanced to become the Operations Director of Blue Sea Dental, our parent organization. In this role, Ron oversees operations of Lee Dental Care as well as our five sister practices. Ron's experience in hands-on patient care, managing Dental Assistants, and his integral role in making Lee Dental Care a success make him uniquely qualified to guide the many operational aspects of our busy and growing practices.

Ron genuinely loves helping people smile. He is fluent in English and Spanish.

In his free time, Ron enjoys spending time with his family. He stays active by working out and playing baseball. Days spent at our area's beautiful beaches and traveling are also favorite lesuire activities.


Lead Dental Assistant

Wendy has been with Lee Dental Care since 2014. She had been in dentistry for several years prior to joining our team.  Wendy’s warm and welcoming manner immediately makes her patients feel safe. She prepares patients for treatment and makes sure they are comfortable. Wendy stays by the patient’s side throughout the procedure, explaining each step while assisting the doctor. 

Wendy appreciates Lee Dental Care's fun, positive environment. She takes great pride in doing excellent work and helping her patients feel confident about their smiles. Wendy is bilingual so she can communicate effectively patients in both English and Spanish.

When she is not here helping patients smile, Wendy enjoys going to the beach and travelling with her husband.

Rachel, CDA, EFDA

Lead Dental Assistant

Rachel started her dental career in the 1990s and has worked in several dental practices. She brought that wealth of experience to Lee Dental Care in 2013. As an experienced and credentialed Dental Assistant, Rachel does it all, from general assisting to helping with insurance coordination and financing and everything in between.

Rachel genuinely connects with her patients. Her compassion and sense of humor engage her patients, helping them relax and have a positive experience. Because she is so knowledgeable, she is a trusted guide through the entire process. Rachel is generous with her expertise, she is committed to mentoring new Dental Assistants so they can be successful.

Rachel hails from Rhode Island and has lived in Florida since 2011. In her leisure time, she enjoys music, dancing, working out, tennis, rollerblading, and spending time with her adorable dog. Her volunteer activities include Habitat for Humanity and Dentistry from the Heart.

Solei, EFDA

Dental Assistant

For Solei, dentistry is a family tradition. Her mother, grandmother, and aunt are Dental Assistants. As a result, she spent a great deal of time in dentist offices as a child. With the example of the older generations and her exposure to the profession from an early age, being a Dental Assistant was a natural choice for her. Solei started her dental career with us in 2019.

Solei connects with her patients by listening compassionately. Her sense of humor helps keep visits positive, especially for patients who struggle with fear and anxiety at the dentist. Solei is committed to educating her patients so they can have their best oral health. She takes great pleasure in helping give patients a smile they can be proud of. Solei is popular with her team mates because she is dedicated, well-organized, loves to clean, and happily takes on any tasks that will help keep the office neat, clean, and efficient.

Solei lived in Texas and Virginia before settling in Florida. She enjoys spending peaceful time at home with her boyfriend and her two dogs. She also enjoys cooking with her mother and, on occasion, jeeping, camping, and fishing with her father. Solei gives back to the community by volunteering for Dentistry from the Heart and other free dentistry days offered by the practice.

Tiffany, CDA

Dental Assistant

Tiffany has been a Dental Assistant since 2010. She was drawn to a career in the field because she recognizes the importance of oral health in peoples’ lives. She appreciates the opportunity to be part of helping her patients improve their oral health. Tiffany has a great deal of experience assisting with oral surgical cases and especially enjoys that aspect of her job.

Deeply compassionate, Tiffany is dedicated to building trust with her patients so they feel comfortable and safe. She is sensitive to the fact that for some patients, their dental treatment feels like a difficult situation and she wants to be a source of comfort to them.

A Florida native, Tiffany grew up in Sarasota. She is a devoted mother to her son and enjoys working out. She has given back to the community by volunteering with Project Christmas Smile in Sarasota.


Walterica, EFDA

Dental Assistant

Rica brings a solid healthcare background to Lee Dental Care, having attended both Dental and Nursing School. In addition to being an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant, she has worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant. She is also trained in Phlebotomy. She has been in dentistry since 2019 and joined the Lee Dental Team in 2020.

Rica believes that a smile is everyone’s beauty. She works hard to help her patients feel great about their smiles, and themselves. Rica inspires trust by approaching her patients with compassion, authenticity, and patience. Her teammates appreciate her work ethic and the way she can always be relied upon to help out when needed.

Rica left the colder weather of Delaware and Maryland for Florida’s sunny shores in 2016. When she is not busy providing excellent care to her patients, Rica enjoys spending time with her young son. Other favorite activities include reading, singing, and shopping. Rica speaks English and Creole.

Natalie 2

Natalie, EFDA

Dental Assistant

Natalie started her dental career here at Lee Dental Care in 2020. She holds an Associates in General Studies from Florida Southwestern College and is currently working on her BS in Biology. She is also a trained Expanded Functions Dental Assistant. From childhood Natalie was taught to appreciate the value of thorough home oral care and this led her to pursue training as a Dental Assistant.

Natalie excels at making patients feel comfortable with her wit and compassion. She is adept at explaining even the most complicated procedures so her patients know exactly what to expect. Especially rewarding is working with patients who are anxious due to prior negative experiences and helping them overcome their fear by creating a trusting, comforting environment . Natalie are those anxious patients who overcome their previous bad experiences She contributes to the overall efficiency of our office by ensuring the doctor stays on schedule and making sure things are organized for the next day before she finishes her shift.

Natalie w has lived in the Fort Myers area since 2010. When she’s not working, she enjoys burning off stress at the gym and watching her favorite movie, Annie. 

Sharon, EFDA

Dental Assistant

Sharon has been a Dental Assistant since 2017 and joined our team in 2022. Her choice of dentistry as a career was driven by her desire to help improve lives through better oral health and the increased feelings of security and good self-image that come along with it. She is certified in Plasma Replacement Therapy and Radiology. She enjoys dentistry so much she is currently studying to be a Dental Hygienist.

She thrives on the fast pace of our busy practice, maintaining her friendly, easy going and patient attitude no matter how hectic it gets. She enjoys the challenge of assisting on major procedures. Sharon is committed to educating her patients about their oral health so they can enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of a healthy smile. Sharon makes her patients feel at home, conveying a genuine understanding, and concern with, their specific situation. Patients she is especially good with include children and patients who are fearful of the dentist.

Sharon was born in Mexico and spent part of her childhood in Miami. She has lived in the Fort Myers area since early adolescence. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, especially her nephew who she loves to spoil. Other favorite leisure activities include going to the beach, outdoor activities, running, and cycling on trails.

Sharon is fluent in English and Spanish.

Jacky, EFDA

Dental Assistant

Jackie started her career here at Lee Dental Care in 2021. She is an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant and certified in Radiology. Always fascinated by teeth, she chose dentistry as a means to help others feel comfortable with their smiles.

With her caring, friendly approach, Jacky excels at making even the most anxious patients comfortable. She guides her patients through procedures, talking with them to help them remain relaxed. The happiness on a patient’s face when they see their new smile is Jacky’s greatest reward.

Jacky was born in Mexico but moved to Texas, then Florida as a child. A pet person, she has a dog and a cat. Jacky is a talented makeup artist and enjoys doing makeup for special occasions. She is fluent in English and Spanish.   

Marian, EFDA

Dental Assistant

Marian had been in dentistry for seven years when she joined the Lee Dental Care team in 2021.  Dental Assisting appealed to her because she likes working with people. After completing her initial training as a Dental Assistant in 2015, Marian continued to build upon her skills to become an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant.

With her easygoing, compassionate approach, Marian makes her patients feel comfortable throughout their treatment.  Marian is skilled at keeping the dentist on schedule so that patient wait time is minimized.

A native of Cuba, Marian has made her home in the Fort Myers area since 2016. In her free time she enjoys taking walks. A favorite hobby of Marian’s is decorating.Marian speaks English and Spanish.



Safety Coordinator

Paulina has been in the dental field for more than 10 years. She genuinely enjoys working with people. In her role as Safety Coordinator, Paulina leads the effort to ensure that the practice upholds the highest standard of safety. She is passionate about helping others. Paulina's smile is a familar sight here at Lee Dental Care.  Paulina speaks English and Spanish fluently.

Paulina is the loving mother of three and enjoys spending her spare time with her children.

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